“Far sight, forward looking, creating a better future, for shareholders, our nation and the World are the core values, we have strived towards. 

In the private sector, we have built the country’s first tanks terminal, container terminal and power plant and developed nationwide fiber optic infrastructure. We continue to strive to be the first in everything. “Today” has always been the most exciting time. Each day we work to improve the future. “Today,” wind is laying fiber optic connectivity around Bangladesh to provide the fastest and unhindered transmission of information, to be more specific ‘Knowledge’. Information & knowledge can reach the whole of humanity and open the possibility for all to create a loving, sustaining and peaceful world. wind is privileged, honored and feel very responsible because we are providing possibility to Bangladesh via State-of-the-Art telecommunication transmission infrastructure.

With the wide spread usage of mobile phones and growth in connectivity, Bangladesh is observing phenomenal rise of small and medium enterprises. Government and Corporations are moving towards implementing world-class communication technologies along with complete automation, which in turn feeds the need for real broadband service. Even more inspiring is the fact that the different divisions within the government are coming up with full-fledged automation and digitization projects.

Humanity has never received such amount of knowledge, especially free of cost, as is happening in today’s ‘internet era’. The essence of humanity, as is perceived by all philosophies and religion, has always been to seek equality for all and an inclusive society, where knowledge and the right to learn are universal. Learning is the golden gate to all other aspirations of mankind. Today, broadband internet via fiber optic network not only provides all the knowledge of the past but also enables scientists, philosophers as well as “geeks”, “nerds” to work and persevere together with “big / meta data” to remove all ills by conquering mysteries of Human Genome, nanotechnology, the deep “black holes” of space. Bangladesh will not be bypassed from this revolutionary leap of mankind but will be part of this. wind’s optical fiber network is tailored to fulfill these very needs. We shall be the facilitators of this growth of the new ICT driven equal opportunity society.

Muhammed Abdullah
Chairman and Founder, WindStreamCommunication